Wow time flies

What is this weekend? The best weekend of the year!
 Its our anniversary!
Really its on Sunday but we are starting Friday. Thanks to one of our friends we get to start celebrating Friday with a night at the Peabody. So as soon Otto is done with his test (ummmm this sounds alot like the day we got married) we will head downtown to check in and go play downtown, usually on Friday night at the Peabody they have some type of band, so we will just enjoy what is going on in the hotel. Then Saturday morning we will take a stroll down town look at some of the art galleries and grab a bite to eat, enjoy the sunshine. Then we head back to the hotel to get ready for the Youth Dance that is at the Peabody. So we will dance the night away. Can you tell I am little excited for our little get away!
Otto! I love you!
thanks for making me so happy! 


jennifer rogers said...

Happy Anniversary to the sweetest couple I know! Enjoy the peabody for me too that sounds wonderful!

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love you guys! Hope it's a blast!

Erin Dooley said...

Happy Late Anniversary for 2012!!! Love you!

Deb said...

Happy Anniversary Sweetie! Sure love you! :o)