Wow time flies

What is this weekend? The best weekend of the year!
 Its our anniversary!
Really its on Sunday but we are starting Friday. Thanks to one of our friends we get to start celebrating Friday with a night at the Peabody. So as soon Otto is done with his test (ummmm this sounds alot like the day we got married) we will head downtown to check in and go play downtown, usually on Friday night at the Peabody they have some type of band, so we will just enjoy what is going on in the hotel. Then Saturday morning we will take a stroll down town look at some of the art galleries and grab a bite to eat, enjoy the sunshine. Then we head back to the hotel to get ready for the Youth Dance that is at the Peabody. So we will dance the night away. Can you tell I am little excited for our little get away!
Otto! I love you!
thanks for making me so happy! 



I just have to say I LOVE my life. I have an amazing, wonderful, supportive,caring, honest, loving, husband who loves me. I love that I don't have to tell people that I am in love, I don't have to prove that our life is amazing. People can tell just by being around us. I love us, I love who we are, I love that we can be perfectly happy just sitting and talking with the t.v. off for hours. I love our drives, when we talk about our dreams and our future. I have always been I happy person, no not perfect, but I have learned that you have to love yourself, but I was lucky enough to learn that at an early age, because I have AMAZING parents who taught me by love, and that the true me is how I treat others. I am grateful for a mom that was home every day as I walked in the door from school. That she took the time to make my lunch everyday. I cherished the notes that she wrote and put in my lunch and how she makes me feel like the most important person in the world. I love that my birthdays were always made extra special, not by things but by love and attention. I am for ever grateful for the sacrifices they made to let me play the level of ball I did. How they were always there to cheer me on. My parents taught me that you respect your spouse. I am grateful for the one time I ever really saw my parents argue that my dad laughed when I was seriously worried. He told me how much he loved mom and that everything was just fine, and it was. I love how my dad taught me to work hard. I am so grateful to be blessed with parents who taught me the gospel and that you have to build your testimony everyday. I love that my mom is my best friend and there are just some days I call her for no reason. I love how my parents are so willing to serve others. Many many many times in my life I saw my parents give to those who needed, and never expected anything back. I look at my life and I know I am loved, there has never been a time where I have questioned if I was loved or needed. I  so appreciate my parents teaching me that sometimes we don't know the whole story about someone, and that what is on the outside isn't what is in the inside.


take two

Can this be true?
   Two post in one day!!!
It is true.
   I am excited about the quilting group I am apart of.
I have been looking at blogs all day.
   I have found a lot that I like.
Camille Roskelly I like her alot!
   It has been a fun evening of looking for a pattern to do my very first quilt.
So wish me luck!!!